The decision to re-brand, drop sponsors and begin writing reviews and features is one I have turned over in my mind numerous times. I felt that in order to remain fair and un-biased, I would need to work independent of sponsors so that I could provide honest feedback to the consumers of Second Life. My reviews will always be written in the spirit of fairness and because I tend to purchase items that I like, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of those reviews will shine a favorable light on the items being featured.

In the event that I write a less than gleaming review, it will be done with absolute care and respect to the designer and the item. I have never and will never bash an item based on my personal preference so any constructive criticism can be taken as just that, constructive. It is solely for the purpose to highlight to consumers both the highs and potential lows of the purchase. It is always important to take note that these reviews are the opinion of one person (me) and do not reflect the preferences or perceptions of anyone else regarding the reviewed items.

If you would like to have an item reviewed, please contact me in world. I am open to items that fit with the style of photos featured on my blog. Thank you.

Warmest Regards
Sienna Foxdale