Modhause Review – Kraftwork W/ Annan Adored

Discover the gorgeous “Lusitania” set from Kraftwork By Annan Adored.


Have you ever seen an item in Second Life that took your breath away? I certainly have, too many to count really. The “Lusitania” set, a creative collaboration between Kraftworks Owner & Designer, Nodnol Jameson and the exceptionally talented Blogger/Photographer, Annan Adored has stolen my breath for sure. For me, this is one of those sets that makes me want to redesign an entire room to fit, maybe even scrap a whole house and start over.

Nodnol (Kraftwork) has been working on a series of “Pop Up Personalities” in which she teams up with Home & Garden Bloggers to design unique and beautiful home decor. The Blogger has a lot of creative freedom in the conceptualization of the sets and Nodnol works her magic to bring these concepts to life. Each set that has been released thus far, has been outstanding with superior craftsmanship and gorgeous textures. My hats off to Nodnol and Kraftwork ♥

I spoke with Ana to get some insight on what inspired her ideas for the Lusitania set and here is what she had to say..

I can say that when I think about my home country, the blue colour always comes to my mind. I remember in my childhood, going to my grandma´s house in a small village in Alentejo and her house had little tiles on facades and inside her house. Her decoration was blue and white, it makes me think about my childhood. Tiles/azulejos are used all over my country as a prominent form of decoration and is what makes Portugal unique.. This is part of our culture. ” – Anan Adored

Shown below are some closeups of the items in this set. More items are available as well as many pieces containing more texture options. I just wanted to give you guys a little idea of some of the incredible things you are getting in this set. Complete scene credits can be found at the bottom of the post ♥

KraftWork Lusitania by Annan Adored. Available at UBER – Arm Chair – Side table – Table Lamp – China Cabinet – Mirror – Tile Frames – Standing Plates 1&2 – Vase – Coffee Cup – Rug – Stand Up Pillow – Rectangular Pillow – Flat Pillow

Madras – Aish Fireplace – Elephant Candle Holder

Fancy Decor – Dutch Tulipiere – Cloche Clock – Prescott Vases

Mithral – Peace Lily (White Pot) – Calathea Medallion (White Pot) – Monstera Adansonii (White Pot)

22769 – Marble Angel

DAD – Blowing Curtain

ACORN – Book Ends Artichoke

Apple Fall – Renaissance Tomes

2 comments on “Modhause Review – Kraftwork W/ Annan Adored”

  1. When i first saw i was like … OH MY GAWD .. it is Portuguese… tears started to rolling down my face …being away from my Home , Portugal for many years and now I see Portugal in SL… a big thank you . this se it is absolutely astonishing. Well done, a must have .. iam having mine for sure !

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