Kitchen Clutter Galore!

Check out dozens of items to dress up your Second Life kitchens!


One of my favorite rooms to decorate is the kitchen. In my home, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. It’s where we go to nourish our bodies, share details about our day and have lot’s of laughs and good times. Creating a warm and inviting kitchen in Second Life is easy when you start digging out the clutter that brings your space to life with realistic little touches. In this post, I am sharing a few items that I love for designing a welcoming and lived in looking space.

Elm – Laurel’s Kitchen Accessories @ Equal 10. Multiple purchase options available. Shown here are items from the kitchen counter decor, kitchen glassware & kitchen plates sets in gold. Other colors available. EXCELLENT texturing and mesh! Elm is rapidly becoming one of my fave stores.

The Loft & Aria – Am I biased? Probably but you guys know I LOVE the Loft & Aria and with good reason! This wall shelf and accessories pack has numerous clutter items that can be used on the shelves or placed around your kitchen/dining room. The shelves are texture change so lot’s of options to suit your decor. Quality of these items is superior.

Hive – This set is one of my favorites for dressing up kitchens. The metal textures are incredible and the mesh is equally fantastic. The style of these items work with any decor. Get these!

What Next – These were a recent FLF release and I realllly love the retro vibe and variety of color options (many other colors not shown here!). These are perfect for adding a fun pop of color to your kitchen. Excellent quality!

Kraftwork – I was thrilled to see these items from Kraftwork as they work really well with modern and industrial decor. I recently used them in a more traditional kitchen build and they blended seamlessly there as well. Super versatile, excellent quality and the items can be placed however you please as they are not linked!

Merak – I don’t even know what to say about these beyond JUST LOOK AT THEM! If you want to add a fun touch to your kitchen, these chilies & garlic strings from Merak are perfect. Textures and mesh are really well done, a definite must have addition to your inventory.

Tia – I appreciate the simplicity of the Olivia kitchen crockery from Tia. These are wonderful for stacking in cabinets, shelves or in hutches and the wooden bowls add nice variety to your decor. Great quality and very versatile! Look for the utensils set as well!

Dust Bunny – This wouldn’t really be a proper kitchen clutter post without featuring the kitchen clutter set from Dust Bunny. I call this the “kitchen starter set” as it has everything you need to start adding some personality to your space. The textures are fantastic (seriously, look at those bananas!) and mesh quality is incredible. You need this set, trust me.

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