Top 5 – Tall Plants!

Time for another leafy green, weekly top 5!

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This plant top 5 covers a handful of really great plants that are on the taller side and perfect for adding some greenery to your corners, entry ways and wherever else you can fit these beauties. I also love the versatility of these particular plants as they can be used with numerous decor styles and will work well as both indoor and outdoor plants.

From left to right:

Luc. Boutique – Ficus Potted Tree V2

Hive – Potted Plants . Gold Dust Dracaenas

Mithral – Anthurium Clarinervium & Hanging Hoop Planter – Kustom9 September

Noble Creations – Dew ivy Planter UPDATE: I have been informed that the designer who created this item is no longer a part of Noble Creations and all of his items were removed from the store as well. I apologize for this oversight, I was unaware this had transpired. I will do another “tall plants” post in the near future and I will throw in a few extra to make it up to you guys ♥

Ariskea – Olive plant

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