Industrial Style Living

Take a tour of this beautiful Industrial style Loft and find out where you can get the goods!

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This project was commissioned by a man who asked me to create a space for him that embodied his personality and made him feel at home. The idea was to give his loft an industrial look and to inject his character through accents that were youthful but masculine and represented his love for travel and touches of retro flavor.

This is a style that I wholeheartedly enjoy working with and the number of items available to achieve the look in Second Life are endless.

With my clients permission, I have chosen to share this work with you, along with the credits so that you can get started on your own Industrial living space!

Living Room

MINIMAL – Foundry Skybox

Peaches – Tap That App Laptop & Books
Brocante – Modern Sofa
Consignment – Cooper’s Armchair
Pixel Mode – The Kitchen – Storage Cabinet – This item was part of a gacha. This store is longer in world so it would be necessary to find this as a resale item.
Kunst – Horizon table
Fancy Decor & Commoner: Indio Side Table | Indio Pottery B | Indio Pottery A | Indio Horn | Indio Cactus Planter | Indio Magazine | Indio Candle | Indio Mug | Indio Basket
Commoner – The Murphy Collection Vase of Arrows
InsurreKtion – Ellen Living Deco | Ellen Living Vase | Ellen Living Plant
VARONIS – 9 O’Clock Prohibition Poster Framed | 9 O’Clock Rubber fig plant
Apt B – The Industrial Side – Rolling Container
Dust Bunny – Radio Dock, Folded Blanket & Globe with frames, taken from Gracie entertainment center
PILOT – Industrial Wire Pendant Quad
Floorplan – Adventure Chart | Lantern Clock
Loft & Aria – Brewer Shelf
Cheeky Pea – Los Robles London Art 2
Magnolia Hills Trading Co. – Mexico Wall Frame @ Tlali Event
Soy – Reed Screen
Mithral – Calathea Pinstripe | Sansevieria Moonshine | Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger | Monstera Adansonii
Junk – Stadium Lights | Cream Animal Rug
Lucas Lameth – Traditional Favorites Candle
Madras – Books Set 1


MINIMAL – Foundry Skybox
Pixel Mode – The Kitchen | The Kitchen Bowls | The Kitchen Coffee Cups | The Kitchen Cook Books | The Kitchen Island Counter | The Kitchen Eat Sign | The Kitchen Spices – These items were part of a gacha set.. This store is longer in world so it would be necessary to find this as a resale item.
Loft & Aria – Romilly Rug | Manteca Citrus Bowl | Manteca Tray | Verne Eucalyptus Vase |
SAYO – Tribeca Dining Chair | Tribeca Dining Table
Tartessos Arts – Challenge Chess Set
Brixley – Locker Console
Brocante – Retro Hanging Lamp | Arrow Chalkboard
MudHoney – Home Books | Greta Books
Q-Essentials – Old Town Clock
Floorplan – Departure Board | Abbey Road Street Sign | Baking Canisters
Mithral – Wall Mounted Pothos
Rezz Room – English Bulldog
Fancy Decor – Coffee Machine | Stacked Cups | Indio Storage Shelf
Ariskea – Plates & Green Apple | Bowls
Vespertine – Potted Rosemary | Potted Herb Mix
Merak – Mixed Pot | Drying Chillies | Stack of Spoons
Hive – Covered Stockpot | Covered Saucepan | Covered Fry Pan | Covered Saute Pan | Hanging Pot Rack
Soy – Planted Green in Box
Keke – Hard to Find Plates Stack
Cheeky Pea – Vide Wooden Bowls
Consignment & Dust Bunny – Coffee Station
Dust Bunny – Laundry Room Clutter | Kitchen Clutter – Spice | Kitchen Clutter – Cutting Boards | Kitchen Clutter – Banana Hanger | Kitchen Clutter – Dish Drying Rack | Kitchen Clutter – Paper Towels


MINIMAL – Foundry Skybox | Industrial 8-E Ceiling Plants
Trompe Loeil – Exton Bed Dark
Consignment – Vintage Poster – Boris | Wall Desk
Mithral – Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger | Wall Mounted Pothos | Fittonia Terrarium
Brocante – Leaning Ladder
Soy – Superlong Potted Cactus
Hive – Bleached Jute Rug
Floorplan – Poster Mural – Wanderlust
Random Matter – Dorm Life – Desk Chair
Nutmeg – Attic Hideout Pillows @ Shiny Shabby
Tarte – Lighted Pallet Wall
Mutresse – Frisky Ferrets

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