Niche Transformation

A transformed space with an artistic twist.

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Yesterday while looking for some inspiration, I came across a cool house from BIGBULLY in my inventory. I was attracted to a built in niche that was included as part of the build and decided that I wanted to transform the space in to one that worked a little better for me in terms of size and style.

Although the niche color was a light black tone already, I started off by darkening it down and adding another panel (Hedvig Panel from The Loft & Aria) to really give it a nice modern, chic look. Next, I extended the area on the other side and used a lighter gray tone for contrast. After that, it was deciding what the function of this space would be and I opted to go with a TV room. I then chose the focal items for the room with a sofa and chair that radiate an Art Deco / Bauhaus vibe. I kept with a monochromatic color scheme to reinforce the industrial-style Bauhaus vibe and added a few key pieces to give the room character. The final touches were bright pops of color and shapes that energize the room and tie it all together.

I did a lot of modifying of items to create a really unique look here. Don’t be afraid to unlink parts of one item to pair them with others or to play with tinting, resizing, etc to create exactly the feel you want your room to have.

If you want to explore with customizing your own niche, check out designers like Onsu & DaD who offer a few homes with built ins!

BIGBULLY – Picture Wall & The Rania sky box – Note: I modified this sky box for my scene.

Kunst – Horizon Sofa & Chair

Mudhoney – Audrey Ottoman

Loft & Aria – Audun Cactus | Television (screen texture modified) | Babette Rug | Delaney Coffee Table (Glass only used) | Coffee Table Books 1 | Pillows used from Hamil Chair | Hedvig Wall Panel

Fancy Decor & Commoner: Indio Chandelier | Indio Boxes | FD Concrete & Wood Coffee Table (Concrete base only used)

West Village – Billy Ball Stems

NOMAD – Bright Headed Mannequin A

Studio Felgo – Frame – Note: Art not available in Second Life

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