Candles – Edition One

From the old to the new, check out some of my favorite candles!

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I am breaking this list down in to a few posts because you all would be scrolling for weeks if I attempted to list ALL of my favorite candles in one shot. The candles I am sharing today are a mix of new and old and are ones I use frequently in my scenes.

One note I want to leave here and this is something I have been asked in the past. If you leave local lights on and don’t like the light that is given off by candles who have the feature, you can easily turn it off! If it can’t be done by simply touching the candle then try going in to edit mode > select linked parts and then clicking on the wick prim (it may be a tiny transparent prim over it). From there, go to the “features” tab in the edit window and look for the box labeled “light.” If this box is checked, just uncheck it! If the light comes right back on, you may need to turn the scripts off on that prim.

Tuesdays – Chub Candles – Assorted Height Candles

Lucas Lameth – Traditional Favorites

Fancy Decor – Celeste Hurricane Candle – Blythe Dome Candle – Jacques Scented Candle – Blythe Candlesticks – Slater Candle

Sayo – Fallen Autumn Set – Pumpkin Candles

Nutmeg – Romanovs Brass Candlesticks

Plastik – Annris Candles

Madras – Elephant Candle Holder – Ganapathy Decor gacha

Alouette – Medieval Candles

The Loft & Aria – Delaney Candle Holder – Leona Candle Sticks Trio – Alderan Candle White

Apple Fall – (West Village) Abby Candles – Brass Candlesticks

Ariskea – Cherry Blossom Candle

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