Top 5 – Fall Landscaping Items Pt 1

This weeks top 5 features Fall bushes, fillers and climbers!

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It’s nearly Autumn and for many people, that means time to change the landscape! I decided to do a post on Fall landscaping items because there are so many great items out there that it can be time consuming to hunt them all down yourself. My goal is to feature some of the most popular along with some lesser known items to really set off your seasonal landscape.

I am going to break this feature up over the next few weeks. This first post will cover bushes, filler, climbers. Next week I will do trees and the following week, I will do autumn friendly structures.

I definitely recommend visiting these designers and checking out these items yourself as it can be tricky to do them justice when photographing them individually!

Azalea Bluebell – Autumn Mushrooms

My first pick this week are the Autumn mushrooms from Azalea Bluebell. These are actually a full perm item that can be purchased as a fat-pack of numerous styles or individually. I love these little beauties, they add a unique and charming touch to your landscape and blend in really well with other foliage.

Azalea Bluebell – Autumn Bushes

Another one from Azalea Bluebell. These bushes are so great because they have wonderful color tones to them and can be used in vibrant landscapes or in a more muted pallet without sticking out like a a sore thumb. The store also has a few other really great Autumn bushes that I highly recommend checking out!

Reid Parkins Mesh Plants – Season Change Bush

These 1 prim bushes are extremely versatile and are fantastic for filling up space with pretty foliage. You can use them all year long as they come with multiple color/season options and the creator was generous with a few great choices for Fall that I really love.

Eli Baily – Ivy

This Ivy can be used on the ground or on walls. With several texture options it is another great pick for year round use. The creator went outside of the box with a few unusual color choices that I really like as well. Another reason I chose these is because they have an optional shadow that looks really great and can be lightened/darkened via a menu. Shadow included these lovely ivy pieces clock in at a single prim.

Heart Garden – Virginia Creeper

These creeper vines from Heart are season change and come in vivid shades of green, yellow and orange. Multiple shapes are included for use on walls, ground and even an arch. If you are familiar with how to tint faces in the edit menu then these are simple to tint to match your landscape. I really like these for adding personality and depth to my landscapes.

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