BoHo Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Paradise

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Every now and again, I see images shared to Facebook of incredible bedrooms with an earthy, Bohemian aesthetic. I love the look of heavy, draped fabrics alongside lighter, wispy sheers and silks. Lot’s of ambiance is often added through twinkling lights, candles and copious amounts of greenery. Throw in some scattered rugs and fluffy floor pillows and you have the perfect retreat!

I have attempted to create my own Bohemian Paradise and thought I would share with you guys some items I found perfect for the job!

Loft & Aria
Azibo Bed @ Uber
Troubadour Rug

Half Deer
Boho Bed Canopy (Cream)

Apple Fall
Old Manufactory
Organic Form Chair (White)

Hainging Rope Chair (A)

Attic Hideout Pillows @ Shiny Shabby

Dust Bunny
Hanging Plants – Ivy Planter
Radio & Blankets (Unlinked from the Gracie living room entertainment center)
Hanging Plants – Cheese Plant
Quirky Planters 2 – Owl Planter

Bird of Paradise Large (Wood Pot)
Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Gold)
Calathea Medallion (White)
Scindapsus Pictus Display (Silver)
Living Wall Display (Dark)

Hanging Table

Decorative Light Set

Wooden Hanging Light
Hanging Devil’s Ivy Plant – Light

lsm – Alarm Clock – Black

Lucas Lameth

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