Amazing Pools In Second Life

Jump in and explore a few of my favorite pools from Second Life!

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I recently teamed up with Gallant Magazine to provide a summer resource list for their Summer 2019 Issue. The list contains several of the best home & garden items/sets geared towards the outdoors and summer. Today I would like to expand on that list by sharing a few of my favorite pools in Second Life and where you can get them!

Visit Gallant Magazine Latest issue here.

Trompe Loeil – Corazon Patio Pool – 64 Prims as shown.

This pool/patio combo is the perfect choice for entertaining. The tiered design breaks up the space nicely for lots of versatility in decorating. There is also a version that includes a bar available that will kick your entertaining up a notch!

Apple Fall x Quasi Nimes Pool – 59 Prims as shown.

This pool is one of my favorites when I want something that feels elegant and a little bit high end. The small covered pavilion area is ideal for designing an intimate space for yourself or 1-2 friends. Don’t miss the “Looking East” furniture & decor set from Apple fall as it pairs perfectly with this pool.

SAYO – Palm Springs Pool – 28 Prims as shown.

This is my go-to pool when I want a large, uncomplicated, yet stylish design. The pool deck surround is spacious and I have used sections of it to expand one side to accommodate seating and entertaining space. There is also the option to use this pool without the deck.

Trompe Loeil – Jiayi Pool – 67 Prims as shown.

This unique pool has a distinctly Asian flare that I love. Design the space for entertaining or use it as a personal retreat, the possibilities are endless. The small waterfall that runs off one side and included greenery add a nice touch of nature to this beauty.

Astralia – Mermaids Cove Pool – 48 Prims as shown.

For you whimsical Mermaids, this pool is about as charming as it gets. There are multiple options to add a base, including both sand & grass. The designer also offers a wide range of matching decor to compliment this wonderfully playful pool.

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