Plan Your Labor Day Picnic!

Tuck in those napkins and get ready for a Later Summer picnic!

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Labor Day is fast approaching! Time to pack up some yummy picnic treats and head to your favorite spot for a last minute summer feast! If you don’t have a clue what to bring a long, check out my feature credits below for some “pig’nic” goodies from a few of my favorite designers! Enjoy ♥

Dust Bunny – Spicy Fiesta Chips & Guac
Dust Bunny – Dreamy Outing Picnic Basket
Dust Bunny – Dreamy Outing Croissant Sandwiches
Dust Bunny – Funfetti Cupcakes
Dust Bunny – Ice Cream Sandwiches
Dust Bunny Strawberry Bowl

Tentacio – Fruit Snack
Tentacio – Pet Pig #3

O.M.E.N – Dog Park Day – 4 – Lunch Tray

What Next – Caliente Burger Plate
What Next – Victoria Sponge Cake Slice

Ariskea – [Kay Cakes] Pear Glaze Cakes

220ML – Moscow Mule: Copper Edition – Full Drink

Granola – Cherries. White

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