High Detail, Low Impact

Maximize your prims without minimizing your style.

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This home features a large main area with room for a kitchen/dining, living area as well as a bedroom and small bathroom. My prim allowance inside the house is 400 and I was able to decorate the interior fully with a total land impact of 252 by following a few simple rules.

If you own land in Second Life and are on a low prim budget, then you know how challenging it can be to decorate an entire home without breaking the prim bank. I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I maximize my prim allowance without sacrificing style.

  • When choosing a home, consider how often you will spend time in each room. If you don’t intend to actively use 2 extra bedrooms, a den, 2 bathrooms and a garage, then think about scaling it down. Choose a home that fits your style without being excessive. This way you can focus your efforts on the areas you will spend the most time.
  • Be mindful when choosing your key items such as beds, sofas, ect. If you spend 25 LI on one item, that is several less 1-2 LI detail pieces you will have leftover prims for.
  • Same concept as above, watch out for excessively primmy items that serve a simple purpose. Pay special attention to plants, rugs, curtains, etc as they can climb up there in LI. There are many, many low LI options for these that will help you control your usage.
  • Experiment with linking together your no copy items. This will often help to reduce your land impact and you can still move things around by grabbing them in edit mode with “edit linked parts” checked. I generally don’t link seating or beds to other items as I have had a few instances where this has caused an issue. Also, deleting scripts from non-essential items before linking them can sometimes lower the land impact.
  • There’s clutter, then there is a plain ole hot mess. Arrange your items evenly and in a way that makes sense. It’s not necessary to rezz every single item you love. In fact, leaving some things out, not only saves you prims but gives you options when you want to swap things out for a change of scenery. Win-win!
  • If you are a whiz at modifying houses and items then you have an advantage in reducing LI. You can often remove bits and pieces (non important pieces!) without changing the look of items drastically, sometimes at all. Just be careful to not try this on no-copy items and always have a backup ready in case you “whoops.”
  • “Smoke & Mirrors” Are you using empty cabinets with glass fronts? rather than wasting prims filling all of those shelves, consider placing a prim to fit the area that you can apply a texture to that will give the illusion of items on shelves (this is perfect for kitchen shelves) or what I like to do is match the prim to the cabinet color to make it appear as a solid cabinet door.
By using select pieces from a modular kitchen, pulling off the back splash prims and adding my own single prim back splash, I was able to knock off three prims.
By simply linking together the items in this image, I was able to shave off six prims.

I hope you find some of these useful in creating your perfect home while keeping your prims in check!

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