How To – Give Your Room A Makeover Without Starting Over.

Explore ideas on how to refresh your home decor without staring over or spending a fortune.

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I like to change up my decor at home pretty frequently. Sometimes, I don’t have the motivation or time to start from scratch. It can also be a pretty expensive undertaking and not practical for those who like to save pennies for other things. I am going to share some of my ideas for making over a room without bulldozing it and starting over from scratch.

Add An Accent Wall.

There are no hard, fast rules for adding an accent wall. It can be a pop of bold and contrasting color, a wall of shelves that houses interesting frames and art pieces, even a metallic finish or a soft floral wallpaper. Your choices are pretty endless. Balance strong colors with neutral tones and if applying an accent wall to a white room, soften the contrast by adding some mid tone colors in other pieces around the room. Don’t be afraid to use the ceiling as an accent as well. This works especially well on rooms that have molding separating the ceiling and walls.

Dress It Up With Nature.

Plants add a lot of personality to your decor. If you are tight on space, hanging plants can do a lot to add color and liven up a room without sacrificing floor space. If your room is large, then consider using some taller potted plants to fill in corners. Colorful or patterned pots and planters can brighten up your space and you can easily modify your plants to change the pots, color them or even combine more than one plant in a pot to create a new and unique piece of decor.

Splashes Of Color.

Accent pillows and floor rugs are a great way to add color and texture to your room. For pillows, using fun and colorful patterns on solid color furniture is a great way to draw attention and add some “pow!” to your room. Rugs, I like to use a contrasting color to what is already in the room to tie it all together. Patterned rugs can still work in a room that already utilizes patterns and don’t necessarily need to match but do pay attention to the color tones in the design when deciding if it works with your decor.


Like an accent wall, a nice piece of artwork can really change the entire vibe of a room. Art is a good way to add color, shapes and texture. I like to hang large pieces behind a sofa or over a console table to act as a point of interest in the room. Experiment with multiple frames that house photos or art that ties them together. You can also play around with frames on photos to add splashes of color and contrast in the room.

Get Moving.

Sometimes creating a whole new look is as easy as moving around the items you already have. Consider using one or more of the ideas listed above and combine that with a simple rearrangement of your furniture and your room will feel brand new. Best of all, you aren’t spending a lot of money and you are injecting some of your own personality in to the room.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and if you would like to see more in the future, give us a follow! ♥ Sienna Skye Foxdale

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