5 Favorites – Beds, Beds, Beds!

Don’t ditch your pajamas just yet! This weeks “Top 5” feature covers a few of my favorite beds in Second Life.

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Beds are something I can generally give or take in Second Life. Sometimes, I want the full on house experience with bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. Sometimes I am content with a couch and a place to plop my television. On the occasions that I do want to go all in, there is a good chance, you will find one of these beds in my room.

These picks range in price from ultra affordable to the more pricey and because not everyone cares about or uses animations in beds, I included a few that gain major style points but don’t have as extensive of a menu.

I do advise that before purchasing any of these beds, you visit the creators main store or marketplace for additional information on each bed as well as to test the animations to see if they are right for you. Happy shopping ♥

Stockholm & Lima Always Bed.

This bed is one of my pics for good adult animations. there is a handful of solo animations for both male and female, PG and adult. The cuddles are nice and the designer offers you a good number to choose from in M/F and F/F. Erotic animations are also available as M/F, F/F and are good quality with no slightly adjusted repeats. Several texture options available via menu and it’s worth noting that the covers on the bed will assume the “neat” position with single animations and “messy” on adult animations. If you’ve rezzed the “messy” version it will have covers positioned as you see in the image above when not in use and the “neat” version will have the “bed made” look when not in use.

Fancy Decor Blague Bed

This bed is a style pick that I just love. There are no texture change options but editing the faces on the bedding allows you to easily tint the covers & pillows. Bonus points for the pillows having two separate faces for even more tinting options! The frame is super classy with gorgeous textures and the style of the bed lends itself well to modern or contemporary styling. There are 5 sleep animations for solo use as well as 5 PG couples animations. The adult menu is larger and offer a good variety of animations for couples play.

The Loft & Aria Hedvig Bed

I’m featuring the PG/Family version of this bed for this article because the animations are excellent and abundant! If you prefer a PG bed and you like having a lot of functional animations then I highly recommend Loft & Aria. Fun solo animations like yogo, ice cream in bed, listening to music make it great for hanging out alone. There is also a menu for chilling with friends, TONS of couples PG animations and even family style PG animations like game night, movies and tuck ins. Your kids can even hang out and do their homework. This menu is HUGE. You get a few basic texture change options and tinting this bed is easy in edit mode. I also like that you can pair it with a number of headboards in Second Life to customize the look a little bit.

DaD Victoria Bed

When I want a lovely Shabby Chic or Country style bedroom, this bed is one of my go-tos. There is a mixed M/F animations menu for solo sits with a decent variety and two pages with cuddle options on the PG version which, is what I am showing here. For me personally, I love this bed for the aesthetic more so than the animations. It has a gorgeous towering headboard with four posts that give it a lot of presence in the bedroom. The texture change HUD gives you a few options for various parts of the bed including three options for wood color. Truly a beautiful bed.

Stockholm & Lima First Crush Bed.

Ok, let’s be real, this bed is CUTE! I love the feminine vibes this bed gives off and the texture change menu gives you some great options to customize it with soft colors to suit your room. I am showing the D/s version of this bed and I will admit, the menu confused me at first. It’s not super straightforward and it took a little bit of getting used to. Animations are buried within sequences so to get to particular ones, you will need to use the arrow buttons in each sequence to move through them, finding the ones you want. If you like full sequences, you will love this bed. If you prefer to choose your animations, there is a little bit of a learning curve. That said, once you do get the hang of the menu, the animations are excellent and offer a great variety for M/F and F/F with both BDSM and Vanilla options.

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