ModHause Review – Backbone Wicker Patio Set

This weeks review covers the Wicker Patio Set from Backbone @ FaMESHed.

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I recently had the good fortune of winning the Wicker Patio set that Backbone has just released for FaMESHed. I really like numerous things about this set so I thought it appropriate to do this weeks review with it as my focus.

The sofa has a nice curved shape on it that makes placement ideal in all situations, including corners. The textures are crisp and the options range from dark, as shown here, to light and neutral choices. The wicker itself and the three tones available via menu are one of my favorite features that this item offers texture wise. As far as animations go, I was pleased to see some non traditional sits that are good for relaxing solo. My Husband and I tested out the cuddles and adult menus and well, no complaints there. *wink*

The fire pit has a nice wide ledge, perfect for setting drinks, food, etc. The stone texture is very believable and the materials look great. I liked the little addition of the lemon and water as well.

Overall, very nice set from Backbone and well worth the Lindens.

Visit FaMESHed here to purchase your copy and check out the Backbone Main store here.

Other items shown in this scene include:

Loft & Aria
Manteca Drink Cart
Manteca Lantern
Manteca Backboard & Grill
Eir Planter With Cactus

Dahlia @ Uber
Malarkey – Ice Bucket
Malarkey – Margarita Glasses & Tequila

Foxwood @ Uber
Boho lounge – Snake plant

Squatchin Patio Chair

Patio Table – COMMON

Fancy Decor & Commoner
Indio Cactus Planter

Trompe Loeil
Bamboo Ring Lamp GACHA

Potted Pothos
Spread Magazine A

Apple Fall
Argentinian Malbec

As always, if you have any questions regarding products displayed here or reviews, you can contact me in world @ Sienna.Foxdale or on Facebook.

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