Community Living – Gooseberry Estates

Join me as I take a tour of the new residential living community – Gooseberry Estates.

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Community Living is a new feature that will highlight a different residential living community each month. I will share with you information on available amenities & housing as well as role play opportunities, if any.

This month I am covering a new community called Gooseberry Estates. Founded by the owner of the home & garden store, Tuesdays, Gooseberry Estates currently consists of two residential sims. As you explore, you will find that tree lined streets and quaint homes with adorably landscaped yards greet you at every turn. Homes are available in two sizes, large and small and each parcel boasts a mailbox with a menu that allows you to browse and choose from numerous homes to rez on your select parcel. If you are someone who likes to change homes often, this is a nice feature and certainly a money saver for many people. Each home rezzes fully landscaped and ready to decorate with some also offering the ability to change wall colors on the interior.

The owners have just added a second sim that features a large lake as well as a number of new homes. I look forward to seeing how this area evolves and I suspect that with the growing popularity of this community, more sims may follow.

There is a visually appealing gaming area on the main sim that features several cafe style tables and chairs with custom games to challenge and entertain you. A small, waterfront boardwalk is home to the rental office, a cafe, general store and a few small shops which may provide opportunities for exploration and role play as well as shopping. In the rental office, you will find a board that offers a monthly gift to tenants and outside is a newspaper machine that gives the newest additions of the “Gooseberry Gazette” which is the communities own publication.

But what about lag? Anyone who has engaged in community style living knows that lag is often a part of the experience for many folks. I feel this is something to be measured individually as it is affected by many factors on our end, as well as the sims themselves. My personal lag rating for Gooseberry is fairly moderate. Note : My rig is a few years old but I was able to take photos on ultra settings in the Black Dragon viewer with no issues.

Here are some perks of the community as listed by the staff:
House Rez System
Monthly Tenant Gifts
Lotteries For Prizes
Themed Events
Triple Layer Security
Rez In Public Areas
HUD based features

There is much more information on the workings of the community available at the office. The staff have provided an abundance of information to prospective renters that will help you to decide if Gooseberry Estates is a match for your living needs.

My final thoughts – As I was strolling the streets, I was admiring the simple and straightforward layout of the community. Exploration is easy and there are plenty of spots to stop and snap a photo or sit and chat with a friend. I could see the appeal of raising a family here and I did spy a few youngsters, so plenty of friend making opportunities for the kids. Overall, I really like this community, enough to have a summer home here ♥

Grab your taxi to Gooseberry here to check it out for yourself.

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