Window Treatments – 5 of my favorites!

Sienna shares five of her favorite window treatments for Second Life.

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Shopping for window treatments in Second Life is one of my least favorite tasks when decorating. For the longest time, there were very few options and some of the better ones were a bit beefy land impact wise. The prims really start to add up when you are using multiple sets to cover a house full of windows. When I find options I really like, I tend to hoard them and use them over and over.

Today I am sharing 5 of my current favorites that are a mix of old and new. With the exception of one set, these all rez out at 4 LI or less (some as low as 1!), though keep in mind that re-sizing them, as is often necessary with window treatments, may affect those numbers.

I will do another post with more options a little bit later on so if you don’t see any that you like today, don’t worry, just toss us a follow!

Let’s get started!

Elm – Clarissa Curtains – 8 LI when rezzed.

These are at the top of my list for a few reasons. I really love the textures on them and the designer gives you plenty of options for purchase. Today I am showing the neutral set and the menu contains 5 curtain color options along with 3 metal options for the rod. You can also purchase the straight version, shown here or a billowing version for a wind blown effect. Both are incredibly well done. I am a huge fan of the curtain rod on these as it protrudes from the wall, allowing you to use these with more ease on windows that have frames/sills that stick out a bit from the wall. Modifying these was not a challenge if you are familiar with how to edit linked parts. (Editing tips are coming in a later post!)

West Village By Apple Fall – Charleston Curtains – 4 LI when rezzed

I love these curtains for their simplicity. This is a single color item with a gorgeous, creamy off white texture. These are classic beauties and an excellent inventory addition. Another easy to modify item using edit > linked parts. I’s also like to mention that last I checked, these were free at the Apple Fall Main store. Very generous designer! Go get them!

Brixley – Linen Curtain – 1 LI when rezzed

Brixley closed their main store some time ago but these are available for purchase through the Marketplace. These Valance style curtains are a few years old and still rocking my socks. They are simple, classic and easy to use. Resizing will give some distortion on the rod as the mesh cannot be edited separately but I find these fit a good number of windows. 15 colors/patterns are included with the purchase.

Soy – Beaded Curtains – 3/4 LI when rezzed.

Soy offers a few versions of their beaded curtains for purchase and while this is an older product, they are some of my favorite in this style. These are super versatile in design and would work well in many different themes. I have also been known to layer these under other types of curtains for added effect. They are easy to resize as a whole but they are comprised of multiple sections so editing the linked parts individually can be tricky. I definitely recommend these for anyone who loves beaded curtains. Note: I am showing two versions here, separate purchases.

Soy – Reed Screens 1 LI when rezzed.

Another one from Soy. These make the list for pure cool factor. I love the style, the textures are done well and these work great for different types of decor from Asian to Boho. The 3 versions you see, rolled, half and closed all come in the pack as well as 2 color options, light/dark. Bonus reed mat included as well! These can be resized using the built in resize script or by manually stretching. You can also edit linked parts if you’re mod savvy.

That does it for this round of window treatments but give us a follow if you are interested in future editions!

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