DIY Corner – Centerpieces

How To Create A Gorgeous, One Of A Kind Centerpiece For Your Table.

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One thing I really love to do when designing a dining space, is to create custom centerpieces for my table. This is a great way to personalize your space with something all your own and your friends and family will be super impressed by your awesome DIY skills!

Often times, you don’t need to look any further than your own inventory for items that you can use to create an eye catching display. My favorite trick is to re-purpose parts of items, to make something entirely new. I usually start off by finding an item that will work well as a base for my centerpiece. This could be an un-linked base section of a cloche, planter, cake stand, pedestal, etc. Some types of end tables also work really well when resized. I used the gold, plastic table from Fancy Decor in one of my examples above.

From there, I look for other items I can use either in whole (like the LODE hair accessories I use here) or in part by taking them in to edit mode and un-linking the parts I want to use in my design. Flowers, birdcages, feathers, shells, candles, wreaths, fruit, greenery, etc are all excellent items for building up your centerpiece. The only limit to what you can create here, is your imagination. So go crazy!

Here is a list of items I used for the centerpieces above.

Centerpiece 1:
Tia – Valarie Glass Dome – Peacock Feather ( I un-linked the base and used only that portion )
Tia – Valarie Silverleaf Wreath
LODE Head Accessory – Valley Crown [baby pink]
Vagabond – Pearl’s Birdie Cage
Tuesdays Mommy Chub Candle

Centerpiece 2:
Floorplan – Potted Cactus ( I used only the wooden base here )
Vespertine – Rainbow Succulent Bowl
Hellam Tea Light

Centerpiece 3:
Fancy Decor: Plastic Side Table (shrunken)
LODE Head Accessory – Royalty Wreath [treasure]
Tuesdays Fat Candle

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