5 Fabulous Marketplace Finds Under 100 Linden.

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With so many events, it is easy to watch your linden slip away each month. if you are like me, you like to change out bit and pieces of your home decor every so often (ok, really, really often!). The Marketplace can be a nightmare to navigate and sometimes, main store hopping for decor is tedious if you don’t know exactly what you’re after. I’ve put together this list to help reduce the foot work by putting together 5 items that I love, all under 100 Linden and easily purchased right from the Marketplace. Kick off your shoes, get your snacks ready and let’s go shopping ♥

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Floorplan – Dictionary Prints. $25 Linden
This is a retired item that is only available on the marketplace. I have owned these for some years now and I still find many uses for them. They are very easy to incorporate in to several styles of decor from masculine to vintage. Use one for accent or use several for a more dramatic focal point on your wall. At this price, this is a must have for your inventory.

Nomad – Crystal Pendant Lamps. $50 Linden
I first saw these for Fifty Linden Friday I think. I just remember thinking to myself “Wow! these are a steal!” Silver or gold metal options for purchase and each comes with both clear and iridescent glass options. They are pretty modest at 3 LI per set if you are watching your prim counts. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

I ♥ Coffee Tables – Transiri Coffee Table. $85 Linden
The store name suits me because I actually do ♥ coffee tables. This table makes our list not only for the price but because it is also a 1 LI item and that includes the shadow. Perfect for Linden homes and those looking to keep prims to a minimum.

Roiro – Potted Tree With Ivy (Version without ivy as well!) $85 Linden
I LOVE these potted trees. 2 LI at 3 meters means they don’t eat prims and they are lovely to look at. Great for both indoor and outdoor use and perfect for filling in corners as the foliage doesn’t protrude much. An excellent addition to your plants folder.

Keke – Simple Tableware. $50 Linden
Simple, everyday place settings are hard to find in Second Life. What I love about these, besides 1 LI, is the lack of place mat & cups which makes them super versatile for not only casual use but you can easily dress them up to fit your decor, giving you a one of a kind place setting. Other colors are available on the marketplace so be sure to check if you want more than just the white.

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