Plants! My Top Picks Of The Week.


The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in house plant options in Second Life. Designers have found new and creative ways to display plants in many styles from elegant and simple pots to the more complex and sophisticated set ups. Plants breathe life (literally!) in to your space and brighten up any decor. Unlike house plants in real life, these beauties don’t require you to have a magical green thumb. Just set and forget!

Place them in clusters for dramatic and eye catching scenery or dot them around the room to add spots of color. If you are a “greenie” like me, you can go a step further and use your favorites to create a bright and beautiful Sunroom.

I will be doing a bi-weekly feature on my favorite plants in Second Life. Each will showcase a combination of styles, size and designers. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do!

This week, I am pulling out a few of my faves that I use regularly in various design styles.

From Left to right: Soy – Green plants with a coiled vase | Loft & Aria – Delaney Potted Spider Plant | Hive – Potted Plants Swiss Cheese | Vespertine – Peacock Plant | Mithral – Scindapsus Pictus Display

In my main image, I am holding the Pug Planter from the Quirky Plants set by Dust Bunny.

Be sure to visit these designers to grab your faves and check out what other options they offer! Happy hunting ♥

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