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If you have been following me for any length of time, then you probably know that I am a big fan of The Loft & Aria. I had the pleasure of blogging for them and not only are the products some of the absolute best on the grid, the designers are some of the nicest people in Second Life.

It felt right to kick off ModHause with an interior that showcases designs from these talented folks over at The Loft & Aria.

Lets start with an oldie but goodie! The Lydia Sofa put out by Aria years ago has been a staple in my inventory that I often forget about. Whenever I stumble upon it and rez it out, I am reminded how much I love this piece. At 7 LI (land impact) and a compact size, it is well suited for small to moderately sized spaces. If you felt fancy, you could easily utilize two of these to create a nice effect that will fill a larger space with some additional pieces added in.

This item has a menu that allows you to change the colors of both the main upholstery as well as the cushions. It is worth mentioning that it has black & white as part of the available selections. I particularly like these choices because I find them very useful when tinting items to match my needs. Black is especially nice when going for darker or deep jewel tones that aren’t available via the menu or as a separate purchase.

Now, let’s cut to animations because I am a SNOB when it comes to animations in furniture that I use in my own house. If you want excellent and versatile animations, consider getting some of your key items from The Loft & Aria. I love the selection of both sits and activities that can be found in most of L&A’s items and the family style animations are a wonderful addition that are hard to find elsewhere. The couple and adult animations generally line up very well for my partner and I, although mileage will vary from one avatar to the next depending on you and your partners proportions.

Side note – To be fair to my other favorite designers, there are plenty of other great stores utilizing excellent animations and I will touch on some of those in later posts!

If you don’t already own this item, can’t find it in store or want a more updated but very similar piece. You can easily substitute The Delaney Sofa or the Maize Sofa. Both newer items and from Loft & Aria.

Next, I want to talk about The Hamil Armchair featured here. This is actually a part of a set (I did not show the other items for this scene) that you can purchase as a whole or individually and you have color options for purchase on the chair. This is a new-ish item and is really classic in its design. This chair will work for several different styles of decor and can be easily integrated in to a full room set or off in a corner reading nook. The textures are spot on for me and some of the tones for the color options are really unique. You also have options to purchase the black, white and grey which I like to mention for reasons listed above! Pillow, No Pillow, PG and XXX. Also, the price-point on these chairs are very reasonable!

I mentioned the animations from this designer before but I do, really recommend going to the store in world and trying them out for yourselves.

The Loft & Aria In World Store

Here is a rundown of the other designers and items also shown in this scene.

Fancy Decor

Jean Table – Bradley Sculpture – Jones Stacked Books (gacha) – Jones Tray (gacha) – Jones Round Box (gacha)

The Loft & Aria

Hexa Rug – Sloan Potted Snake Plant – Troubadour Table Lamp – Morgan Vase

Studio Felgo

Frames – Porvaz Horizontal ART NOT INCLUDED – Be advised that this item is NO MODIFY and textures have to be uploaded via menu using the UUID. It cannot be resized as far as I could tell.

Big Bully

Julia Console


Tiffany Vases


Minimalist Chandelier


Potted Cheese Plant

Mesh Creation

Fireplace – This is an inexpensive FP item that I found really works well if you are looking for a modern style fireplace. I’m not crazy about the logs or the fire, which I left in for this scene but you could easily replace those with substitutes from any other fireplace you own. If you are familiar with how to take shine off of faces while in edit mode, you can also eliminate that from around the opening if you are not a fan. I don’t show the shine here.

Blue Sky

White Studs Pillow (gacha)

The build I used for this scene is just a mock up I created specifically for this post.

If you ever have any questions on items I use in my scenes, please don’t hesitate to message me!

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